When launching your new startup it’s essential that you do some extensive research on the key aspects of marketing your business, particularly if cash flow is tight. Learning how to implement a growth hacking strategy for your business may often seem overwhelming, but there is plenty of help and advice online for those savvy enough to seek it. Whether you’re looking for media coverage for your startup, hoping to grow your social media footprint or need inspiration for engaging blog content, there are a wealth of easy to use growth hacking tools and software to help you execute your digital strategy efficiently. Check out these marketing tools as recommended by Polkadot Digital, to ensure your startup growth hacks its way to success.


Pitchbox– Enables you to automate your outreach at scale by scheduling email pitches to press and even integrates with your email client for seamless messaging.

Buzzstream– Helps manage and monitor your outreach campaign whilst building relationships with prospects for future campaigns.

GroupHigh– Allows you to find key influencers and bloggers via an extensive search engine of over 15 million blogs and provides key statistics on your prospects.


Buzzsumo– Research industry influencers, bloggers and media who are likely to show interest in your startup. Learn the different types of content that performs well online and even view backlinks to determine link building opportunities for your content campaign.

The Shelf– Ideal if you want to reach social influencers and bloggers in popular sectors like lifestyle, travel, interiors, health and food. Bloggers are fully researched and vetted before they sign-up to the tool, saving you the tedious legwork of trawling through search engines.

Followerwonk– One of many fantastic tools from Moz, this allows you to find key social influencers on Twitter in your niche. Provides insight into your Twitter analytics and compares your profile to competitors.


Hootsuite– Create multiple streams to monitor brand mentions, industry chatter and conversation from your community. Schedule tweets to be sent throughout the day and integrate all social media networks including LinkedIn and Instagram for a complete overview of your social media footprint.

Buffer– Allows you to share content quickly and efficiently from any website to your social profiles. Posts can be scheduled to be distributed throughout optimized times of the day taking into account time zones, so your profiles are working hard for you even when you’re asleep.

Mention– Keep track of the online conversation about your startup and wider industry, identify influencers who are active in your sector and instantly respond to them in real time via the dashboard.


Moz Open Site Explorer– Determine how many inbound links your website has and compare to your competitors to help find additional link building opportunities.

Google Keyword Planner– Find the most relevant keywords for your startup, learn the popular search terms visitors use to find your website and see how well keywords perform.

Wordstream & Wordtracker- Both tools provide deeper insight and analytics into keywords you wish to rank for providing search volume and competition.


Co-schedule Headline Analyser– Learn the science of creating blog headlines your readers will want to click and see how it will look and perform in Google.

Hupspot Blog Topic Generator– Generate click worthy ideas for your blog posts with link bait titles your reader can’t resist.

Google Alerts & Google Trends- Keep up to date with breaking industry news that will inspire blog content and social posts. Learn about key trends and events to help you post relevant and topical content based on popular searches.

Letitiah Obiri
Letitiah Obiri
Letitiah Obiri is an experienced content marketer and founder of Polkadot Digital, an online marketing agency providing affordable content, social and PR packages to startups and small businesses. Letitiah has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands including Tesco, Hiscox, Hilarys Three Mobile, TK Maxx and Littlewoods. With extensive experience in PR, journalism and digital marketing she has the proven ability to launch and manage successful campaigns to drive traffic and subsequently grow sales. As a qualified journalist Letitiah has also been featured in The Guardian, Business Zone and Supercharged Startups writing frequently about small businesses and practical marketing techniques.

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