Savvy entrepreneurs are aware that if they want to grow their business, they must keep ahead of current trends in digital marketing so they can apply them to their enterprise or startup. There are so many fantastic blogs written by talented marketing experts from across the globe who are on a mission to ensure you gain the knowledge and expertise to build a successful business. Check out our comprehensive list of top digital marketing blogs all small businesses should follow and share some of your own favourite blogs in the comments below.


The daddy of all digital marketing blogs is Moz, formerly known as SEO Moz to veteran marketers. Although primarily an SEO toolkit for marketers, Moz has a fantastic blog written by both staff and contributors sharing their pearls of wisdom on anything from technical on-site SEO to social media advertising. As well as offering practical and helpful digital marketing advice, Moz encourages comments and discussions from its highly engaged user base so anyone is able to ask pressing questions pertinent to their business and expect a relatively swift response. For those with limited marketing knowledge, Moz has the excellent beginner’s guide to SEO which has been read over three million times, a testament to its popularity. The blog also has hundreds of blog posts for those wishing to learn more about the basics of SEO as well as more advanced content for those who wish to supplement and increase their digital marketing knowledge.


Both these sites provide tools to execute effective influencer marketing and blogger outreach programmes, so are well worth subscribing to their blogs. If you are keen to build some media coverage for your business, we recommend subscribing to both of these blogs as they offer some real gems for launching a successful digital PR campaign. Buzzsumo is a tool marketers and businesses use to research relevant influencers and press whilst Buzzstream enables you to outreach at scale to promote your business or campaign efficiently. With influencer marketing fast becoming one of the key pillars of digital marketing, small businesses will benefit from practical hints and tips from the expert bloggers at Buzzsumo who share their insight into finding the right influencers or developing a programme for your brand. Buzzstream’s blog consists of useful guides on topics ranging from link building, content promotion and public relations and features expertise from some of the leading thought leaders across the digital industry. Recently Buzzsumo and Buzzstream joined forces on a webinar about outreach and influencer marketing, and have been kind enough to publish a post featuring the highlights. This is well worth a read for small businesses from all types of industries looking for new ways target influencers who can act as brand advocates for their small business.


Long been an industry favourite for marketers and small businesses world wide, Social Media Examiner is a vital blog every business worth their salt should have in their arsenal. Sharing helpful advice on social media reporting, advertising and growth, the site has gained something of a cult following in digital circles and now holds regular conferences and events featuring reputable speakers and attended by thousands of marketers the world over. Whether you’re new to social media or simply want to brush up on your tactics, it’s well worth checking out their Getting Started section to ensure you cover all bases when implementing a social media strategy for your small business.  Alongside their articles, Social Media Examiner often commission and publish reports and research about key trends in social media marketing that can be used as a reference point for any business wishing to gain a deeper insight into the virtues of social media marketing.


With a huge shift towards content marketing in the industry the Content Marketing Institute, or CMI as they’re commonly known, should be the first port of call for small businesses looking to learn about content marketing and how it can help increase website traffic and sales. With straight-forward and easy to understand articles, the CMI has built up an army of specialists and experts who share their research and insight into how effective content marketing strategies can make a real tangible difference to the bottom line. For small businesses who are relatively new to the concept of content marketing, the CMI has their popular how to guides broken down into sections like Plan, Process and Measure ensuring your strategy has all the vital ingredients to make a real dent on your website’s ranking. For more advanced content marketing techniques, the CMI has an e-book and white paper library full of reference guides not to mention their popular podcast network if you’re more of a audio visual learner.

Letitiah Obiri
Letitiah Obiri
Letitiah Obiri is an experienced content marketer and founder of Polkadot Digital, an online marketing agency providing affordable content, social and PR packages to startups and small businesses. Letitiah has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands including Tesco, Hiscox, Hilarys Three Mobile, TK Maxx and Littlewoods. With extensive experience in PR, journalism and digital marketing she has the proven ability to launch and manage successful campaigns to drive traffic and subsequently grow sales. As a qualified journalist Letitiah has also been featured in The Guardian, Business Zone and Supercharged Startups writing frequently about small businesses and practical marketing techniques.

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