We have rounded up some of our favourite startup tools to help increase productivity, manage finances and improve your marketing. Check out our featured list in the graphic on Medium and make sure to share your favourites in the comments.



Letitiah Obiri
Letitiah Obiri
Letitiah Obiri is an experienced content marketer and founder of Polkadot Digital, an online marketing agency providing affordable content, social and PR packages to startups and small businesses. Letitiah has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands including Tesco, Hiscox, Hilarys Three Mobile, TK Maxx and Littlewoods. With extensive experience in PR, journalism and digital marketing she has the proven ability to launch and manage successful campaigns to drive traffic and subsequently grow sales. As a qualified journalist Letitiah has also been featured in The Guardian, Business Zone and Supercharged Startups writing frequently about small businesses and practical marketing techniques.

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